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An indigenous firm, Homework Development and Properties Limited has helped in changing the erroneous perception of foreign investors about the Nigerian real estate sector.

This is the major outcome of the recent conference organised by the Association of Nigerian Physicians in the Americas (ANPA) in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. The Lagos real estate company showcased its affordable products and promoted positive developments in real estate in Nigeria.

Reflecting on the conference attended by physicians and other professionals, the Director of Homework Development and Properties Limited, Mr. Jide Adekola said it provided a platform, which helped to change the perception that foreign investors would not get value for money or might get scammed in Nigeria. It also created the awareness that there are professionals in the sector who are able to provide quality products locally.

“The change in perception, which we have created, would in no small measure boost businesses and increase the volume of foreign direct investments that can engender increase in gross domestic product of the country,” Adekola said.

He said that the event has exposed Homework to ANPA’s publications, increased networking and sales leads, the needs of customers and the property market, increased trust in foreign investors in the Nigerian real estate market.

Adekola explained that the real estate sector, which is inundated with issues of trust, lack of finance and presence of charlatan, can be saved if government subsidises the cost of land for credible developers who have the capacity to provide affordable housing.


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